Connecting the pieces to create a robust Arab startup community.

The Arab world is on the edge of a tech explosion. We have all of the raw material; talent, large audience, ideas and money. Lawha is the platform to bring those elements together. 

The core of any community is the ability to communicate freely and to depend on one another for advice and help. 

Lawha aims to be the meeting place for our community from Morocco to the Gulf, with stops in Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and everywhere else in between.

On Lawha startups can showcase their products, find funding and mentorship, and build their teams.

Funders can find good projects to invest in and good people to involve in their projects. Additionally they can find cofunders and help to bring the community to the next level.

For everyone else interested in startups and technology in general, Lawha will serve as a marketplace to share ideas and become involved in cool projects.

This is just the beginning.

Please sign up for our beta, no matter what your role, so we can invite you when we are ready to launch. No commitment from you until you decide your ready to dive in.